“These wave-like movements of the arms as they are held at the sides represent the Law of acquiring within oneself Light and Knowledge. It is the Law of right understanding with Light and Knowledge. This exercise expresses the uplifting impulse which makes
everything grow. These movements can also be called: the right way of spreading the Word and helping it to grow into Life.”

 Music: Melody 10 (No 2 – “First Day of Spring”) – 30 measures.
 Starting position
 The last position of the previous exercise, with hands in front of the mouth, continuing without interruption.
 Movement sequence
 1st measure, 1st beat: step forwards with the left* foot. On the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd beats, the hands open to the sides at shoulder-height with the palms turned downwards making undulating movements with the arms imitating the fl ight of a bird, the wrists being
the most active (figure 10.1).
 2nd measure, 1st beat: step forwards with the right foot. On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd beats: the arms remain at shoulder-height, making the same fl ying movement as in the first measure (fi gure 10.2).

Fig 10.1
Fig 10.2

 These movements are repeated until the end of the music. At the end, the feet come together, the arms – down.
 NOTE: The fi rst ten exercises are performed without interruption.