“Jumping represents the triumph of Love and Wisdom as they have been applied in life. First we all bow before the Great, the Eternal, the Divine Principle that is working in the world. The jump that follows is our offering and expression of joy to the Creator.”
 Music: Melody 12 (“Jumping”) – 15 measures.
 Starting position
 All participants face the center of the circle, feet together, both arms extended upwards over the head, palms forwards (fi gure 12.1).
 Movement sequence
 1st measure: during the fi rst three beats the body bends slowly forwards from the waist to a horizontal position. The hands stay extended over the head in one line with the back and follow the movement of the body downwards.
 2nd measure, 1st beat: the body continues to bend forwards and down while the arms swing back to a horizontal position (fi gure 12.2).  On the 2nd beat: the knees bend slightly and simultaneously the arms and the body start to unwind. On the 3rd beat: jump up in place while the arms swing forwards and are raised above the head with a gentle clap (figures 12.3 and 12.4).

Fig 12.1
Fig 12.2

 3rd measure: land on the ground, hands outstretched over the head, palms forwards as in the starting position (fi gure 12.1).
 These movements are repeated four more times. At the end, the hands should be brought down to the sides of the body and one makes a turn to the right, feet together.

Fig 12.3
Fig 12.4
 At the end of the last beat, hands are brought together in front of the chest, fi stsclenched with thumbs out and palms down.