“This exercise represents turning inwardly towards one’s self and then manifesting outwardly. The hands fi rst rest upon the shoulders and then open to the sides. This indicates that fi rst we give. This is the masculine principle, the creative beginning: that which we possess must be sent forth. Then we bring our hands back to our shoulders. This indicates: we receive that which Nature is giving to us. This is the feminine principle which is receiving and building. These two states alternate one with the other. When the hands are extended to the sides, they send and receive energy. The fi ngers are transmitters through which we transmit energy. The spaces between the fi ngers are receiving antennas.
 “When this movement is performed with the proper attention, it inspires a person to receive and then give forth that which has been received. Through this movement, the idea of receiving and giving is sent out into the world.
  “This movement is called ‘Awakening,’ because we may say that in the moment in which the idea to give that which one has received awakens in one’s mind, we may say that one’s consciousness has come to Life. This means that one has outgrown the framework of one’s limited personal life and entered into the broader scope of the all-encompassing Life. This is the beginning of the manifestation of the human soul. It must rise and manifest its beauty.”
 “During the fi rst exercise of Paneurhythmy, one receives and gives. When one places his hands on the shoulders – this means receiving; and when the hands are to the sides, the horizontal – giving.”
 Music: Melody 1 (“First Day of Spring”) – 40 measures.
 Starting position
 All participants are arranged in couples facing counterclockwise, feet together, left shoulder turned towards the center (men start usually on the outer circle). The hands are on the top of the shoulders; elbows are at shoulder level forming a straight line with the shoulders. The fi ngers are folded (but not in fi st) with the thumb placed on the index finger* (fi gures 1.1 and 1.2).

Fig 1.1
Fig 1.2

 Movement sequence
 1st measure, 1st beat: step with the right foo forwards. On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd beats, the hands open horizontally on each side of the body. The palms open turning downwards** (fi gure 1.3).
 2nd measure, 1st beat: step with the left foot forwards. On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd beats, the hands go back to the shoulders returning to the starting position (fi gure 1.4)