“Bring the hands together over the head and move them downwards. This movement expresses that we should freely accept God’s Blessings in all their abundance. As the hands move upwards to come together above the head, we come into contact with the energy of the sublime world which we draw down to the physical world. When the hands reach the physical world, they separate. This means that we have polarity in the physical world. When we are in the physical world we are further from that Reality which underlies the Whole of Creation. “This exercise can also be referred to as a ‘Method for making contact with the World of Oneness.’“ [1, p. 83]


Starting position
The participants are facing the center. Body straight, feet together, hands by the sides, mind concentrated.

Movement sequence
While pronouncing the invocation Da prebude Bozhiyat Mir (“May God’s Peace be with us”), the arms are raised slowly out to the side and over the head until the fingers, with palms facing each other, touch, forming a sharp angle (fi gure 28.1).
While pronouncing the rest of the invocation i da izgree Bozhijata Radost i Bozhieto Veselie v nashite surtsa (“May God’s Joy and Gladness arise in our hearts”), the hands descend slowly as if pouring something over oneself – beginning with the sides of theface, then with palms toward the body gliding down
to the sides, and returning to the starting position. This movement and the invocation are repeated three times.


Fig 15.1



Da prebude Bozhiyat Mir i da izgree Bozhiyata Radost i Bozhieto Veselie v nashite surtsa (“May the
Peace of God abide forever and may the Joy and Gladness of God arise in our hearts”). “May God’s Peace be with us. May God’s Joy and Gladness arise in our hearts.”

Note: Other used translations of the invocation
“Divine Peace, Divine Joy and Divine Gladness to rise in our hearts.” [12, p. 78]
“May the Peace of God abide and may His pure Joy and sacred Exaltation arise in our hearts.” [8,
p. 81]
“May the Peace of God and the pure Joy of God live in our hearts forever.” [16, p. 101]

Traditionally, the 28 exercises fi nish with a greeting: with the right hand slightly uplifted, palm outwards as a unifying gesture along the Path of Light. This is a common greeting used among the followers of Beinsa Douno. One person says, “There is no love like God’s Love” and the other replies, “Only God’s love is Love!”