“I am beyond time and space.
Only my body is with you.
Have you seen me? Do you know me?
My life manifests in a Higher Dimension.”
Beinsa Douno

  Amid the doubts, despair, conflicts and chaos of our times, the presence of a Great Soul brings Light, dispelling the darkness. The Master(The Bulgarian word for “Master” is “Ouchitel” which means Teacher of High Wisdom). Beinsa Douno gave the knowledge of the coming of a new culture based upon three principles: Love that brings life, Wisdom that gives light and Truth that gives freedom.
  Peter Konstantinov Dunov who took the spiritual name of Beinsa Douno was born in the village of Nikolaevka in the Varna district of Bulgaria on the 11th of July, 1864(This is according to the Gregorian calendar for the 19th century (July 12 for the 20th century). ), fourteen years before Bulgaria’s liberation from the Ottoman Empire. Dunov’s father was active in the movement for national revival and spiritual freedom. He was an enlightened priest who was the first to read the Gospel in Bulgarian instead of Greek, as was the rule at that time.
  Peter Dunov obtained his secondary education in Bulgaria and his higher education in theology and medicine in the United States. He returned to his country after an absence of eight years and engaged in the systematic study of the phrenology of the Bulgarian people. It was to them that he presented the Divine Teaching of Love.
  The Master began with three followers, and these gradually grew to many thousands. The first spiritual study circles appeared in Bulgaria at the end of the last century. There were 144 such circles when the newly created community called “The White Brotherhood”(The term “White Brotherhood” is used to mean the “Brotherhood of Light and Love”) built a hall for lectures and a settlement Izgrev (which means “the Rising Sun”) near Sofia. The Master established a school which, for the first time, offered an esoteric studies class for youth, a general esoteric class for adult disciples as well as Sunday morning sermons at 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. which were open to the public.
  The image of the grain of wheat as an emblem of man’s soul permeates his first sermon, “Ecce Homo.”
  Beinsa Douno, a musician who composed spiritual songs and melodies, introduced Paneurhythmy: the Supreme Cosmic Rhythm. These sacred movements set to music were performed every morning from March 22nd to September 22nd by all his followers.
  A total of 184 books containing his lectures and musical works were published between 1896 and 1948. His lectures and sermons represent the work of half a century.
  The series of Sunday lectures entitled “Power and Life” were initiated in 1914. This is not coincidental. It marks the coming of a new cosmic cycle known as the Age of Aquarius. In the words of the Master:
  “The entire solar system has entered a new sphere of the Spirit. The earth has been in a decline until now. It now embarks on its ascension.”
  At that time, one of Beinsa Douno’s devoted disciples described his outward appearance as follows:
  ”A man of average stature, about fifty years of age, with slightly greying hair, gentle eyes, composed, quiet with a profound expression on his face. His calm was conveyed to me. He seemed to emanate some unearthly purity. He never called the Word he gave us his own. Since then I have seen, understood and known what humility means!”
  When he gave these lectures, the Master lived in one of the poor outlying quarters of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. He had a basement for a dining room and a small room above it where he used to speak at a simple table. The room was full when he spoke, and the window was open so the people filling the front yard could hear him as well. They were there listening even when it snowed. One woman who was in attendance stood enraptured by his words, and when the lecture was over she could not lift her feet from the earth, for the heels of her shoes had frozen.
  It is remarkable that these lectures which were held so long ago bear all the features of contemporary presentation. They begin in a simple and clear manner with a fundamental concept and then expand into large waves that touch and awaken one’s higher self.
  In one of his talks, the Master described what is necessary:  
  “From now on, we need to connect our minds and hearts with those of all people on earth, because salvation lies within our common prayers. There is a Supreme Consciousness which interconnects the consciousness of all people and, in this manner, creates an inner intimate connection among them. This Consciousness is a Candle in which all things are illuminated and manifest their true meaning – the meaning which they inherently possess.”
  The Master said:
  “Souls exist in the world who want to grow and live consciously. It is for them that great Masters come down to earth. They are also helped by all loving and Enlightened Beings who are working in the world.”  
 The Master ended his earthly path on December 27th, 1944.