At the present time, there is much talk about renewal, about new directions and so on, but it is not enough for renewal to occur in the mechanical, in the external aspects of life. If people remain in their old consciousness with their old view of life, nothing will be gained. A new awareness, a new understanding of life, a new relationship to the purpose of life is necessary.
  With regard to the issue of renewal, it would be useful to study the Laws of the rise and fall of nations. Consider the races and nations that have risen to an exceptional height only to vanish at a later point in time. All their achievements have crystallized into forms incapable of further development because of their deviation from the universal Laws of Life.
  Esoteric science gives methods for resolving all of the problems of contemporary life. These methods touch every aspect of life – material and spiritual. Everything new which now enters life – all of these new ideas which enter into the world today – have the power to uplift the human culture to a higher phase, to develop those precious endowments hidden within the human soul and left unrevealed for centuries.
  The contemporary culture is a transient one. The transition between two cultures is marked by times of trouble and turmoil, confusion and contradiction. This is a sign that we live on the border between the old culture, which is descending, and the new culture, which is ascending. These are the times when new ideas are born. There are many indications that a new level of awareness is at hand. In fact, further advancement – in and of itself – brings the expansion of the consciousness. For example, if we trace the development of the natural kingdoms, we will see that as movement is made toward the higher kingdoms, the consciousness gradually expands.
  Every culture is recognized by “the new” it is bringing to humankind in its new revelation of the human spirit. What is “the new” which the coming culture brings? There are indications from which you can understand the new, just as one can envision the coming spring from the . first spring flowers. The new which is coming is the awakening of the cosmic consciousness in man. It is then that the individual limited consciousness will be outgrown and man will enter into the endless Life of the Whole, of the Universal. The existing signs con.rm that the new, which is coming, is the spirit of brotherhood, of unification.
  New ideas are entering now as a powerful wave in order to transform our culture, and they are manifesting themselves in every area of life. Everywhere one can see the effects of their life-giving action. But these new ideas need to find a corresponding form for expression; that is, they need to find an external expression through which to influence the deeper forces of the human nature. Such a form – such a manifestation – is Paneurhythmy (Not to be confused with the Eurhythmy of Rudolf Steiner).
  Literally translated, Paneurhythmy means Divine Cosmic Rhythm. Paneurhythmy is the great universal Harmony of movements. Everything in life is Paneurhythmy.
  What is Paneurhythmy?
  Each year at Izgrev, near Sofia, on the 22nd of March(In the Southern Hemisphere Paneurhythmy will begin on September 22 because the seasons are reversed), a new page of life opened. This is when the Paneurhythmy exercises begin. Each morning, after the 22nd of March, a few hundred people would perform Paneurhythmy in a wide-open field surrounded by pine trees. The participants would form a circle; the musicians in the middle would play the Paneurhythmy music. The music consists of 28 pieces, all of which have been provided with words, some of them by the Master himself. The participants would usually sing these words.
  Why do the Paneurhythmy exercises begin on March 22? And why are the exercises done early in the morning? There is an explanation in this excerpt from the book “In the Kingdom of the Living Nature”:
  “In the morning at sunrise, the earth is negative and is therefore the most receptive. This is a very important fact that we need to keep in mind in order to fully appreciate the meaning and importance of sunrise. This is the reason why in the morning at sunrise the human body is the most receptive to the solar energy. There is more prana. In other words, there is more life energy in the morning relative to the afternoon. Then the living organism absorbs the most of this positive energy and absorbs it the most mightily.
  “The earth, at the beginning of spring, is more negative [relative to the sun] and is therefore more receptive. For this reason, in the spring – more than in any other seasons – the sun’s rays are curative. Therefore, the beneficial influence of the sun begins from March 22. From then on, the earth is productive. The best time for renewal is between March 22 and June 22. In the spring, when we see plants putting forth buds and blossom, an inner joy needs to be born in the human soul, that the day of its liberation is approaching. When one opens to the feeling of love of this life-giving force which envelops him, one can then receive its beneficial influence for rejuvenation of feelings, thoughts and energy.”
  The effect of Paneurhythmy on people is enormous and many-sided. First of all, it influences physical development. These exercises develop the body in a harmonizing way, because they are characterized by a great diversity. The paneurhythmic movements are beautiful and graceful. All parts of the body – head, neck, chest, low back, arms and feet, and so on – participate in them. The muscles are developed. Breathing and circulation are improved. The nervous system is strengthened, too, because the solar energy before dawn and for one hour after the sunrise has a special effect upon it.
  But these effects of Paneurhythmy have a deeper side as well. The movements are not arbitrary; they are the result of the knowledge of the vital forces in Nature and of the active or dormant forces in the human body. Therefore, in these exercises, there is something fascinating – something that awakens the higher self.
  The influence of the Paneurhythmy exercises is threefold:
  1.They are like batteries through which man connects with the creative and constructive forces in Nature. One receives them, and they influence one’s development. These forces are vital.

  2.Because they are in harmony with the cosmic Rhythm that brings to action the whole of Life, these movements activate the dormant forces of the human soul.

  3.The Paneurhythmy exercises are such that through them one sends forth certain forces, thoughts and ideas into the world, and they continue to work there and transform it.
  Let’s focus on the first principle of Paneurhythmy.
  The Paneurhythmy movements serve to connect the living Nature and man (and not only as an exercise for the muscles, lungs, and so on). They should not be confused with ordinary exercises – aerobics or ballet, for instance. They are based upon deeper Laws that connect man with the energy of Nature and show him how to use this energy for his development. Everything moves; this is a Law of Nature. However, when these movements are done consciously, we acquire something. Through the exercises of Paneurhythmy, we come into contact with the vital forces of Nature.
  In earlier times, we were not only in contact with the physical forms and shapes of nature but also with its spiritual forces. Today humankind has alienated itself from Nature to a certain extent. Our inner connection and communion with Nature have be­come weakened.
  From the investigations of Gourvish, Lakovski and other scientists, it is known that the human body like all other organisms emits a specific frequency of energy, specific radiations. Paneurhythmy is based upon a deep knowledge of these radiations and energy fields. For example: when a man extends his arms great bundles of light – or rays – emanate from the fingers, but they are of a different character for different fingers. In addition to this, such radiations emanate from the brain, the ears, the nose and the body as a whole.
These radiations are polarized. The human body has three polarities. According to the investigations of Raihenbah, Dyurvil and others, the right side is positive, and the left is negative. The front side is positive, the back is negative. The upper part (towards the head) is positive, the lower is negative.
  Energy and all things in Nature are polarized. This is the fourth of the seven major principles of esoteric science. Here are a few examples. There are two types of magnetism – north and south; two types of electricity – positive and negative; the roots and the stem of the plants and so on. In general, the two types of energy which are seen in Nature in a variety of forms can be called positive and negative. They can also be referred to as the creative, or “masculine,” principle in Nature and the constructive, or “feminine,” principle in Nature. The phrase in the Bible, “God created heaven and earth” indicates the action of the creative forces in Nature. Then follows, “And the earth was unorganized.” The gradual organization of the earth is a Manifestation of the constructive forces. In reality, both kinds of energy are at work every moment.
  We can see the effect of these two principles in every culture. For instance, the creation of new ideas in a culture is the result of the creative principle, while the application of these ideas with the purpose of changing life in accordance with them is the effect of the constructive principle. The same applies to the life of every individual. When one reaches new insights, the creative principle is at work within. When one changes his life in accordance with these creative forces – this is the result of the constructive forces.
  As we pointed out, the energy emitted by our bodies is polarized. Generally speaking, the right side of the human body – the right leg, the right arm and hand, and so on – are an expression of the creative forces of Nature, while the left leg, foot, hand and arm, and so on are an expression of the constructive forces. That is why, in the paneurhythmic exercises, it is important which side participates in the movements. The movements of the right limbs or the turning towards the right expresses the connection with the creative forces in Nature, while the movements of the left limbs or the turning towards the left
– with the constructive. That is why we always begin with the right foot in Paneurhythmy, because the creative forces are the ones which are the first to act. They lay the foundation and the elements upon which the constructive forces act. Shifting our weight from the right to the left foot, when it is done with the participation of our consciousness, changes the currents of energy from positive to negative, from creative to constructive.
  THE FIRST FUNDAMENTAL LAW of Paneurhythmy is:
  The Rhythm of these exercises alone, independent of all other aspects, causes a renewal of the body. Everything in Nature is based upon the Law of Rhythm. Rhythm is the fifth Law of esoteric science. There is an interrelationship between the heartbeat and the rhythm of the sun’s rays. The energy of the sun emanates in a rhythm, in other words, periodically with a stronger or lesser intensity. There is rhythm everywhere around us. There is a miraculous power in Rhythm. Every work – even the hardest – becomes easier when rhythm is introduced to it. In this way, it does not become fatiguing. Rhythmic movement is not fatiguing. This has been proven many times.
  THE SECOND FUNDAMENTAL LAW of Paneurhythmy is:
  The movements in it correspond to certain cosmic Laws. One should know that the movements of the human body are not just mechanical. Each movement is connected with particular forces in Nature. If the movements are performed with the knowledge of the Laws of Nature, they can connect us with the powerful creative forces in Nature and we can receive them. One must remember that with each movement something flows into the human organism. Each harmonious movement – each movement made in accordance with the Laws of Nature and of the human body – brings life to man.
  The movements one commonly makes are not without meaning. However, movements exist which are lacking in universal character. They do not connect man with the cosmos, with the whole of Life. They are of a personal character and have significance for him alone. There are, however, other movements which express cosmic movements and Rhythm.
  There are certain cosmic movements and a cosmic Rhythm which are basic to life. We .nd them everywhere in life: in the movement of the celestial objects; in the wave­like movement of light; in the currents of the electromagnetic field; in the movement of atoms and electrons; in the transformative movement in the tips of a plant’s shoots and roots, and so on. These movements and this Rhythm have a creative element in and of themselves. They have created and organized everything. They transform and build everything in Nature. Thousands of the forms around us are made through their influence. They are the eternally working Laws of the cosmos. If the movements one makes are in harmony with these cosmic movements and Rhythm, one comes into contact with the forces of living Nature and receives them.
  This is exactly the character of the movements of Paneurhythmy. They are in harmony with the cosmic movements and Rhythm which create, build and organize the whole of Nature. That is why the paneurhythmic movements have an enormous influence upon man. Thus, the movements of Paneurhythmy are not coincidental but are taken from the Rhythm which underlies the cosmic Life. When one performs these exercises, one harmonizes oneself with the whole of creation and receives something valuable from it. Therefore, when we perform Paneurhythmy, we feel ourselves as living centers which send forth thousands of fibrils, thousands of antennae, into the ocean of Life Force in which we are immersed; and as a result, we receive something vital and pure.
  For this reason, we should periodically connect with the energy of the earth and the sun. Through some of the exercises, we receive a supply of earthly magnetism. When we consciously direct our arms upwards, we come into contact with the energy of the sun; and when we direct our arms downwards – with that of the earth. In this way, we receive the bene.cial energy from the earth and, at the same time, return energy that is worthless and disharmonious.
  In many of those movements which we do unconsciously, there is a hidden meaning which we do not comprehend. Also, this meaning is not always the same. For instance, when someone unconsciously touches some part of his head, one can disperse the energy which has accumulated in that place or draw energy to where it is insufficient. If he has the knowledge, he would be able to rid himself of a headache by regulating certain cur­rents. Sometimes he unconsciously touches a certain center of his head and activates it with the energy that emanates from his fingers. Man should guard against movements which consume or deprive him of necessary energy. Movements should be mindful.
  Our movements – even when unconscious – are not arbitrary. Different movements – for example, touching the head, moving the leg or the hands, and so on – are related not only to physiological processes but to some psychic processes as well. Forces emanate from each finger which are an expression of something psychic.
  Every movement of a person – even if unconscious – has an inner meaning. For ex­ample, holding your hand behind your back – this is a covert, underhanded behavior. One who wants to stab someone with a knife hides it behind his back, and at the same time, says to the other person, “Welcome.” A speaker who holds his arms behind his back also has hidden thoughts. These movements are remnants of the distant past.
  When a person raises his arm, certain spiritual forces are activated, and he sends them into the world. And at the same time, he receives certain forces from Nature through his fingers; in other words, an exchange takes place.
We should know which forces emanate from the arm and which come from particular fingers in the movements of Paneurhythmy. With these energies that you transmit from your arm, or some other organ, you have an impact upon Nature – and She responds to you, accordingly. We are not separate from the cosmos. A connection exists between each person and the cosmos.
  THE THIRD LAW of Paneurhythmy is:
  There is an interrelationship, a correspondence, among tone, form, movement, color, number and an idea.
  The importance of Paneurhythmy becomes more clear when one takes into consideration that which we call “correspondence” in Nature. There is a correlation among all things which underlies the whole of Creation. For instance, in the periodic system of chemical elements, after each seventh element, we get an element with analogous features. We see a similar pattern in the color spectrum and in the octave of music. In an octave, every tone is similar to the eighth tone that follows it. We can also witness similar octaves in electromagnetic vibrations. Here, as well, every higher octave of vibrations is analogous to the lower ones.
  Countless correlations exist within Nature. For us, the most important of them are the above six as listed in the Third Law.
  When our movements correspond exactly to certain ideas, tones, and so on, the effect is a lot more powerful. Then the body is more receptive to the forces of Nature; it receives them, and it is revitalized and rejuvenated.
  The so-called “esoteric architecture” is also based upon the Law of correspondence among these correlations in Nature. Paneurhythmy, too, is based upon this correspondence.
  What then is Paneurhythmy? It is the Harmony of tone, form, movement, color, number and an idea.
  The Russian clairvoyant and scientist Unkovska proves this correlation among tone, color and number. A certain color corresponds to a tone and number. For example, she can play certain paintings; in other words, she can turn the colors into music.
  The following is a few words about the relationship among movement, tone and form.
Saint-Yves d’Alvaydre in his work, “Archaeometer,” opened new horizons for music. I don’t want to go into details here about his ideas; I only want to point out that he has shown the relationship existing among tone, form and an idea. He states that a form can be considered as “frozen”. He points out that the measurements of the tabernacle given in the Book of the Bible, “Exodus,” Chapter 25, are not arbitrary. All these measurements of the length, width, height and so on of the tabernacle and its parts form, as a whole, a musical symphony. Using his method, Saint-Yves performs an analysis and determines which tones and musical accords are implemented in the tabernacle of Moses. He performs the same analysis of the description of the temple of Solomon from the Book “Ezekiel,” Chapters 40 – 43. Saint-Yves shows a method of how to embody certain music in the form of a building, a cup or any other object. Thus, one can see how broad the sphere of influence of music is in life. Through the artistic forms which surround us, we may .nd new perspectives of the bene.cial effect of music in a culture.
  One can find crystallized music in organic forms as well. For example, the intervals between the fronds of the fern leaf or in the shell of the snail, where the width of the turns gradually narrows towards the top, are analogous to the number of vibrations of the different harmonious overtones of a given tone. It is also proven that musical laws are embodied in the distances of the planets from the sun.
  As it was mentioned above, Lakovski discovered the so-called “radiation” of organ­isms; in other words, the radio waves emitted into the surrounding space. Through these radio waves, he tries to explain the capability of some animals for orientation: pigeons, dogs, bees, and so on. This radiation implies the existence of that which is called the “etheric body” of organisms. According to esoteric science, each crystal, flower, animal and human being emits radio waves, and these radio waves are musical. There are scientists who try to detect the musical tones which emanate from flowers.
  Our body is musical because, as we have said already, it sends forth musical radio waves, musical radiations. That is why music has such a deep impact on our organism and its physiological and spiritual processes. The incredible power of music is obvious in the experiment of three German scientists: Schrodinger, Heisenberg and Jordan. They played music of a specific monotone for a long time over a stone staircase; and as a result, it collapsed.
  The powerful influence of music on the spirit and the physiological processes of the body is well known. Because music penetrates the whole life and all organisms, it has an enormous influence upon every life form.
  One basic Law needs to be remembered: the musical radiations of the body are the true architect of the human body. They are the builders. They sculpt the forms; for in reality, Music is part of the etheric building forces of the organism. Through the rhythm of these waves, the human body is built. The same is true for a flower, grass, a tree, and so on. Therefore, when a person receives harmonious tones – musical waves – this music merges with the music that permeates the body and, in this way, contributes to the building and the correct development of each organ. Therefore, through the Rhythm of the harmonious movement of Paneurhythmy, the body-form will change: it will become stronger, more slender and better built.
  It is proven by experiments that a healthy body emanates specific musical vibrations and radiations which change and become feeble in the case of illness. This has been used to ascertain the health condition of the body. We have said that when a man plays an instrument, sings or listens to music, this music enters his body and brings harmony to its organs. This harmony within the organism is what we call health. Therefore it would be true to say that music brings life! Music is curative even when it is not accompanied by movements, but it is much more effective when accompanied by movements. With movements, the music permeates the body more easily, as well as each separate cell and each organ. Therefore, Paneurhythmy has a very strong curative power. Whoever performs these exercises systematically can cure himself of all illnesses. Thus Paneurhythmy is a powerful tool for sustaining the health of the body!
  Not only is there a relationship between music and the body, but also between music and human thought. Music is a materialized movement of the Spirit. It is the proper way of organizing matter in man as well as his thoughts, feelings and actions. It has been proven through experiments in telepathy by eminent scientists in America, England, Germany, Austria and other countries that when one thinks, he sends forth into space a certain kind of thought-wave which varies according to the character of the thought, the feeling, and so on. These thought-waves are also musical. The more a thought is right, elevated and precise, the more it is musical. Therefore, through music we build not only our physical organs, but our mental organism as well; through music something penetrates our mental as well as our spiritual life. That is why music is a bearer of true Life. It is the beginning of every culture. Through music all things can be accomplished.
  It is important to know that the music of Paneurhythmy is not in the spirit of the ordinary music today. It bears a new element. It is in accordance with certain deeper Laws; and for this reason, it speaks directly to the higher self and awakens it. It brings man into those sublime realms that he has always been longing for in his sacred moments. This music connects man with the World of the Absolute Reality.
  The music of Paneurhythmy is not arbitrary: it is related to the physical movements on the one hand; and on the other – to the ideas which are implanted within them. Only when this correlation exists, these movements have a powerful, miraculous effect; then they become the bearers of these ideas. Because of the correspondence between movements and ideas, the movements become the embodiment of these ideas and penetrate the performer himself.
  While performing the Paneurhythmy exercises, we must keep in mind some ideas: not arbitrarily, but only those which strictly correspond to each movement. While doing the exercises, the mind must be focused on the movements and to their corresponding ideas. And so, because the movements of Paneurhythmy are an external expression of an idea, we may say that they are a certain kind of speech, a special language: thought ex­pressed through movement! That is why the movements can produce a strong influence and bring a person into contact with the powerful forces of Nature. If the movements did not have ideas implanted in them, they would remain mechanical and would not possess the power to renew. When they express thought, these thoughts and ideas become visible in the beautiful movements. Through this special language, we give expression to our inner life, to the life of the soul. When correspondence exists between the idea and the movement, then each movement brings joy, exhilaration and life. It manifests within us as well as in the world which is outside of us!
  Each of these exercises is connected with a certain process in the consciousness. Therefore each one of these exercises has an influence upon certain forces of the human spirit. For this reason, the exercises are related to the awakening, the liberation and the creativity of the human soul. Even though these are inner processes, it is good to perform movements that correspond to these psychic processes and facilitate them.
  Each idea, each mental characteristic, corresponds to a certain movement. There are movements of the Good. There are movements of Charity. There are movements of Justice. Love also has its forms of movement; Beauty, too. All virtues have their typical forms of movement. One should study that. We need to experiment – once, twice, ten times, a hundred times – until we discover which forms of movement correspond to a given virtue. Paneurhythmy is based on such experiments.
  Elderly people who have not lived properly will lose their radiance; furthermore, their movements will become less graceful. Their lives will leave marks on their countenances and in their movements, as well. Children are lovely – and so are their movements – be­cause they have [recently] come from a harmonious World.
  Experiments and observations can be performed in order to see the significance of different movements for the receiving and emitting of certain physical and psychic forces. Let’s analyze one of the songs of the Universal White Brotherhood, “Wonderful Day.” This song is usually accompanied by special movements. One can feel the difference if it is not accompanied by movements. When combined with movements, it has an enormous impact on both the performer and others because during the movements energy is activated which man receives and sends forth through his hands and his entire body. In the Eastern esoteric schools, it is known that certain formulae become more powerful when pronounced in combination with movement and music. The formula are sung and transformed simultaneously by movement. These are the so-called mantras in the Eastern schools. The movements which are combined with a mantra are not arbitrary, but in harmony with the music and idea instilled in the song.
  Each organ of the body has its own spiritual aspect and is connected with spiritual processes; and each of their movements is connected with the mental and spiritual development of human beings.
  Unconscious movements are abundant in people. They are even more numerous in the lower kingdoms of nature. There is something important to keep in mind: people with the new consciousness will gradually introduce higher consciousness to the area of the subconscious life: they will aim to expand the horizon of higher consciousness.
  In order to facilitate the process of receiving and giving that which is being activated during the paneurhythmic exercises, one must be conscious. Only then can an appropriate energy exchange occur between human beings and Nature. That is because the character of the energy which a person sends and receives depends upon the alertness of his consciousness and the ideas which occupy his mind during the Paneurhythmy exercises. For this reason, the Paneurhythmy movements are not a mechanical gymnastics, but an activity in which all the forces of human nature participate: physical, spiritual, mental and Divine. All of these forces are awakened and become active and creative during Paneurhythmy; they come into the receptive state. Therefore, in order to do the exercises correctly, one must think. A movement without thought has no meaning. Inner concentration is necessary. While performing the movements, man’s power lies in his ability to concentrate. While exercising, one’s concentration needs to be as deep as if one were alone! When we perform the exercises, the living Nature participates in the movements. She observes if Rhythm and consciousness are present. If these are lacking, she does not participate. But if living Nature does not take part, all the work is wasted: for then it is done mechanically!
  One example will show the importance of deep inner concentration for the accumulation of the creative forces of Nature in the human body. In the Scriptures, there is a story about a woman who has bled for 12 years. She is healed by touching Christ’s garment from behind. Christ said, “Who touched me?” The disciples answered, “You see how many people are pressing you and yet you ask, ‘Who touched me?’” But Christ looked behind Himself to see who did it, because he felt that energy had escaped from him. That is because the other people had touched him mechanically, but the woman had touched him with the participation of her consciousness and with a deep faith that Christ would help her.
  When Moses raised his arms, the Jews were victorious in battle, because power was emanating from his arms. Christ, too, extended His arm when He touched the leper to cure him.
  The arms are energy lines through which the vital forces flow. When you possess an awakened consciousness, a contact is made between your arm and the living forces of Nature, and the vital forces, prana, flow through each finger. If you are not mindful – if you do not believe – nothing will happen. As soon as you apply your will, these cur­rents will immediately start to flow. When you connect with the Supreme Intelligence, the Divine Origin, this energy will come to you as a result.
  Now let us consider another, deeper aspect of Paneurhythmy. It is an exercise that is intended to awaken the dormant forces implanted within human nature. We know that there are motor centers in the brain. There is a center for the movements of the legs, another – for the movements of the arms, and so on. For every kind of movement, there is a center in the brain. Because these movements are conscious, the center is in the cerebrum. For example, the centers of movement for the arms and legs are in the upper part of the brain, and when we move, the corresponding part of the brain is activated.
 We will consider three aspects of this subject:
  1.Each center of the brain is connected with a particular higher world and the Beings who live in it. Every movement activates a certain center of the brain, and through that center we come into contact with a particular higher world and with the Beings who inhabit it. Thus through the movements of the arms, legs, and so on, we make contact with the higher worlds and with the Beings who live there, and this helps us to receive energy and assistance from these higher worlds.

  2.When we move our organs – hands and arms, legs, and so on – we activate their related brain centers bringing blood and energy to them, and in this way these centers are developed. Each center corresponds to a particular spiritual quality such as compassion, love, faith, hope, intellectual abilities, the taste for music, the inclination for mathematics, and so on. And so through these movements – if we do them correctly – we can work on the development of our brain centers: we can awaken them from their sleep and so cultivate the corresponding endowments.
Because of the Paneurhythmy movements – if they are performed in accordance with the above-mentioned principle of correspondence – the nervous system becomes more re.ned, more sensitive and capable of vibrating in harmony with the higher Divine Idea of which each movement is an expression.
  3. Each of these brain centers is related to a specific organ of the body. If the center is activated, it works beneficially for its related organ and it develops properly: strengthening, rejuvenating and becoming more efficient in the regulation of its functions.
  The movements which a person makes are significant Some say they are not significant, that our movements are arbitrary. On the contrary, each movement has a strong influence upon the nervous system and upon the entire spiritual life. If someone does a movement which is incorrect – which is abnormal or negative – the associated center will be subjected to abnormal development and this will be  
ected in the health of the organ involved and in the individual’s spiritual capabilities and endowments. As a result, Paneurhythmy brings not only spiritual growth, but also the development of enlightened thoughts and feelings which ennoble our character and bring life, health, and power to each organ of the body. It rejuvenates us.
  From what is said above, it is clear why we feel renewed and refreshed after performing the Paneurhythmy exercises. It is obvious why an abundant life force begins to flow into all organs from these exercises and why they have such a deep psychological impact on us. First of all, these exercises awaken joy, freshness and harmony in people. One feels that something has been gained and feels inspired throughout the day with new ideas, new impulses. One’s creative forces begin to flourish. Because in Paneurhythmy a close interconnection exists among movement, music and idea, the sources of everything high and inspired begin to flow through the exercises. Through them, one develops his talents and becomes ready to open his soul to the Good, the Justice, the Beauty, the Truth and the Light which are coming into the world.
  One may use Paneurhythmy as a method for transforming one’s condition. When one feels discouraged, troubled or in despair, Paneurhythmy can easily transform these feelings.
  Aesthetic feeling is also developed through Paneurhythmy. The feeling for rhythm and music are especially nourished. Beautiful is the scene at which the paneurhythmic exercises are performed: the rising sun, the mountains illuminated by its rays, the songs of the birds above, the surrounding flowers and grass. All this makes one lively, inspired with noble feelings and ready for work.
  While doing the exercises, one feels as if the whole environment has been trans­formed. One feels as if one was in a temple and everything around him is a part of its beautiful architecture. A curtain opens before one’s eyes, and one can see the inner side of the paneurhythmic dances. They become a prayer for one’s soul which longs for Light, for eternal Good, for Love, for a new Reality. At such a moment, one understands that the movements are a prayer through which man comes to understand that the essence of one’s being is music, purity and love. In such instances, one feels the innumerable bonds which connect him with the whole of Creation.
  A radiance emanates from the living circle, and its rays carry forth the calling of these souls. A circle of Light forms above them that rises upwards to the Eternal, and the sincere appeal of these souls reaches out to every heart and speaks to them about the beauty of the new life which is descending to us and is so close!
  This calling is not in vain. It will participate in the building of the beautiful edifice in the future of the human race. The sacred appeal of every soul re.ects in each awakened soul. When you put your thoughts and the ideals of your higher self into beautiful movements, you release life forces into the universe which create and build.
  The living circle of Paneurhythmy dancers brings its souls into union. They become one. The obstacles and differences disappear, and they feel the eternal bonds which connect and unite them. Isn’t the Paneurhythmy circle a symbol of the beauty of the Unity which is coming?
  These wonderful moments experienced in Paneurhythmy bring poetry and whole­ness into our lives. Through them, we learn to see in everything, a new beauty that has not been known before.
  Why is it necessary to have a feeling of reverence, of sacred awe and sacred excitement while performing Paneurhythmy in order to gain something? Because in this way, through our higher consciousness with its noble thoughts and feelings, we come into accord with the higher powers of Nature and become receptive to them.
  At the end of the Paneurhythmy exercises, musical breathing exercises are done. The accompanying music is created especially for that purpose. During the breathing exercises, everyone sings together. These exercises are of immeasurable significance, when they are performed each morning before going to work. Their special significance becomes clear when they are considered from the occult point of view as it relates to the prana and psychic energies which permeate the air. The influence of the breathing exercises is made stronger and deeper when they are done with the music.
  Let’s consider the influence of the Paneurhythmy exercises upon the outer world. When there is harmony and correspondence between movements and ideas, then we transmit through the movements these ideas to the outside world, to the whole of human­kind. Through these movements, new creative forces and ideas, which will assist in the renewal and transformation of the world are sent forth. All new ideas that are to be implemented in a culture – all these life-giving principles which have the power to renew and elevate the human race to the new culture – are included in Paneurhythmy.
  It is necessary to have centers through which the Divine may enter in order to move the world towards its renewal. One such center is Paneurhythmy. It has an enormous impact on people. Through Paneurhythmy the new ideas are sent forth in a miraculous way into the world and people receive their beneficial influence.
  Paneurhythmy is such a form which is capable of expressing the new ideas and of transforming them through the music, movements and words to the human nature and to the whole of Creation! This is because the ideas which create and build the new culture are expressed in the movements of Paneurhythmy. In its movements, are hidden springs which have a miraculous power that will awaken the new creative forces of the human soul, the forces which are awaiting their development.
  The Universal White Brotherhood brings the new into the world in every way – through thoughts, feelings and deeds, and through movements as well, in other words, through everything. In a comparable way, the wind blows and stirs the leaves, enabling the sap to move. Through these exercises, the new ideas will permeate life, the world, all awakened souls and will start to give results. Therefore, Paneurhythmy is a method by which the new may come, a method of building a new world, a new Earth!
  All that is mentioned above shows that Paneurhythmy may become a powerful method for the education of the new generation, the community and the whole nation. There will be a great effect if Paneurhythmy is introduced on a large scale. Its permeation of society will produce an enormous influence for the physical and spiritual renewal of society.
  Contemporary man is so arranged that it is more propitious to express the new ideas with something that is real and concrete and at the same time powerful and beautiful!
The Paneurhythmy exercises are such a thing.
  These exercises should be performed in the schools and in the adult community in order to prepare a completely new generation with physical health and endurance, noble thoughts, spiritual progress, strong will and initiative and a strong nervous system.
  Paneurhythmy should permeate every town and city, every village. Awakened souls everywhere need to work for its introduction into people’s lives. In this way, we will be­come a society of people full of optimism, vitality and creativity; a people with noble hearts and enlightened minds, with free spirits and strong wills; a people ready to become the builders of the new life on earth.
  Paneurhythmy should be introduced in the schools and especially in the high schools. It will be wonderful to observe the students performing these exercises and then going to class refreshed, vitalized and renewed!
  What a beautiful picture it would be if early in the morning at sunrise people from every town and village would go out and perform these exercises and then go to work with new ideas and thoughts.
  Now especially, society needs the impetus and awakening which Paneurhythmy can provide. Through it a society, a nation, a race can be rejuvenated, and the people can be physically and spiritually revitalized to a new creativity.
  Here is a new method, among others, to help people in any society or race to renew physically and spiritually, to develop their endowments. Paneurhythmy prepares for the blooming of a higher, more ennobled, more harmonious culture: the Culture of Light and Joy!

The inner meaning of the exercises is presented with the description of each movement. Only their general significance is given in the above text, because the comprehension of their sacred meaning presumes one’s deeper preparation and self-realization.