“Both arms are moved upwards at the same time and then brought downwards and backwards. The lifting of the arms is the receiving of the new, the inspiration which is coming from the Divine World. The bringing of the arms down and back signifi es that as we receive the new we put the old behind us. This movement of the arms expresses the great Power that moves people onwards along the Path of Life just as a boat is moved forwards by the lifting and bringing down of the oars. It represents the awakening of the longing within the human soul for the Supreme. It is a call to all souls to begin walking along this Path.” [1, p. 77].
 Music: Melody 5 (“First Day of Spring”) – 26 measures.

Fig 5.1
Fig 5.2


Fig 5.3

 Starting position
The last position of the previous exercise is the starting position for “Elevation,” continuing without interruption; weight onto the left foot.
 Movement sequence
 1st measure, 1st beat: step forwards with the right foot. On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd beats both arms are lifted forwards and upwards towards the vertical*, palms forwards (fi gure 5.1).
 2nd measure, 1st beat: step forwards with the left foot (fi gure 5.2) and on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd beats: the parallel arms are brought downwards and behind
the body, palms facing back (fi gure 5.3).
 As in the previous exercise, each of the hands circumscribes a natural arc while ascending and descending. These movements continue until the end of melody #5.
 On the 3rd beat of the last measure, the hands do not go back. Instead, the right hand is placed in front of the chest with the palm down and the thumb touching the chest, while the left hand is placed on the hip, thumb pointing backwards..