Fig 27.1

“Through this musical breathing exercise, one becomes acquainted with the musical methods which one needs to apply in life. Through them, one comes into harmony with Nature.” [1, p. 82]


Music: Musical exercises for correct breathing and singing. Each of the three musical phrases is repeated three times.
Starting position
The participants are arranged in couples in two circles, both facing the center, feet together, hands
on the chest, palms towards the body, middle fi ngers touching (fi gure27.1).

Movement sequence
During the playing of the fi rst long note the dancers inhale through the nose and simultaneously
spread their arms horizontally outwards until palms face the front (fi gures 27.2 and 27.3).
Beginning at the next note and continuing until the end of the musical phrase, the participants
exhale slowly while singing the tones of the scale sounding the vowel “A” (as in “Ah”), and graduallybringing their arms back to the starting position.
The exercise is repeated three times consecutively for each musical phrase. At the end the hands come to the sides of the body.



Fig 27.3
Fig 27.4